Merci, Depuis Trébol nous tenons à vous dire merci une fois de plus pour le grand accueil et du succès obtenu lors de la présentation notre nouvelle collection de meubles GEN Z, ainsi que de nos nouvelles collections textiles complémentaires (collection Rodeo, Tribu et Pajaritas ) pendant le salon Habitat Valencia 2017.

Merci à nouveau à tous et à toutes de votre visite sur notre stand
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We present you our Trébol's rugs collections, LIFE IN DECO designed to easy combine with any element and get the best composition both in your children's space as youth,.
Crafted in 100% cotton, we offer a soft touch. They are made to easy wash in conventional washer.
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One more year we are delighted to exhibit at the fair in Milan, the great public attendance at our stand and the result we are seeing in the first days of it.
We continue to await your visit so that you can take a good look to our new collections of furniture dressed in our newest collections of textiles and carpets.
We will continue to show our progress at the fair.
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Nous allons à Milan
Du 4 au 9 avril nous présenterons au salon international du meuble de Milan nos nouvelles collections de meubles pour bébé, enfants et juniors, habillés avec nos nouvelles collections textils.
Nous espérons vous surprendre une année de plus.
On se voit.
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We present CUOROur collection of children's and youth furniture designed from our heart ...E COLLECTION
Our collection of children's and youth furniture designed from our heart ...
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Happy Holidays
From Trébol Mobiliario we wish you happy holidays and a prosperous new year 2017
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Coming soon
Coming soon you can find our new children´s and youth spaces in Rabasa. We are working to surprice you, we will keep you informed...
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We are working to surprice you
There is little left that you can see our new spaces of children's and youth furniture at Muebles La Fábrica.

We are working to surprice you, we will keep you informed...
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Could you identify the drawer of these photographs?
TREBOL MOBILIARIO, the perfect election when choose your children's and youth furniture for its high standards of quality, innovation and technological application, such as:

- Lacquered of 4 layers both inside and outside of all our furniture (without melamine sheets).
- With soft closing guides hidden in our drawers (closed of the drawer without blows).
All our products have the distinctive of Trébol Mobiliario, a badge that ensures the quality of our products both in the materials used in their manufacture and in the use of them. Ensuring compliance with European security standards UNE-UN.
(The correct answer is: DRAWER C)
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Moscow 2016
We already have the first pictures of our stand in Moscow, and although tired of the effort, we’re very happy with the reception that are having. we will keep you informed
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Really are you worried in safety of your children when you go to buy furniture for the room?
Some timber used for furniture production can be harmful for health (emission of formaldehydedue to the decomposition of the resins used for wood dust caking which is a basic component of these products). Formaldehyde, also known as methanol, is a colorless gas with a suffocating odor that is used as a component of many resins as polyketals, formadelhido phenol, melamine, etc ... The presence of formaldehyde in the air, is one of the most common causes of poor indoor air quality without forgetting the potential harmful long-term effects of those exposed. At low concentrations formaldehyde causes eye irritation, respiratory tract and skin. Inhalation of high concentrations offormaldehyde causes severe irritation of the respiratory tract, reaching even cause death. However, the most important feature of toxicity is consideration as carcinogenic category 3.

In Trébol Mobiliario, we watch at all times for your health and of your family, always using top quality materials and strict compliance with the European safety regulations for the production of all our furniture. Regulations USE-EN 120:1994 Wood based panels. Determination of formaldehyde content. Regulations USE-EN 717:2004 Wood-based wood. Determination of formaldehyde emission. As a result of our efforts, the rating determination of formaldehyde by "extraction method called the perforator EN 120" in Trébol materials used for the manufacture of our furniture is "P1 or Class 1". Classification regulated by the UNE 56-724-86 sorting into 4 categories depending on the outcome of the formaldehyde content determined according to UNE 56-723 applied within 7 days of manufacture.

"Only the boards when it can be shown that not contain formaldehyde are classified as P1".

(You can find ours on the last page of our catalog)

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We go to Moscow one more year
We go to Moscow one more year to present to our Russian friends our new catalog of Trebol Mobiliario, where we present our new collections for Children's furniture as well as our new line of furniture Urban Zone, covering all the needs of furniture for each stage of their age.
We also present our new finishes and our new collections of Textile.
A concept of differentiation with other furniture manufacturers.
We invite you to visit us from 12 to 15 October in Hall 7 stand D18.
See you there
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New Trebol Mobiliario Catalog
We introduce you the new Trebol Mobiliario catalog,
Furniture for an entire childhood, adapter for each age.
Come to know it at our retailers
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Dear customer, We contact you to inform that we will be closed for holidays during August. We also want to inform you that since 15th of September, you can consult with your area sales agent availability of the new catalog of Trebol Mobiliario. See you again in September to surprise you.
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We're back from Milan,
We're back from Milan, the largest International Fair of furniture in the world. One more year, we have participated in it, and once again we have exceeded our expectations, thanks to the great acceptance and appreciation of the large audience for the quality and professionalism of our product, primary characteristic of our brand. Again, great success in presenting our new collections both children's furniture (Artik collection H55) and young furniture (Cuore collection among others) always dressed with new collections of Trebol textile. Great experience that we would repeat to open up new markets and consolidate in those already we are present. As always, thank you to all those who passed by our booth, friends, colleagues and visitors.”
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Coming soon...
see you in, international furniture fair in Milan
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International furniture fair in milan
We have all the information about our Stand in Milano Furniture International Fair 2016, all the team of Trebol Mobiliario is ready, the countdown begins.
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Bon Vayage París
We left Paris… the international fair of decoration Maison&Objet.
A really complete and interesting fair by Its greatness, professionalism and the large number of visitors. Excited about the great success of our product, about our new baby and young collections, such as our new fabrics, in this, our new French market.
We would like to thank you all visitors who passed by our stand, friends and colleagues who have made so pleasant our stay in that beautiful city.
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And arrives the day
International Decoration Fair Maison & Objet Paris 2016 opens today . All is ready to receive a lot of people who’s waiting at the entrance opening doors.”
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the International Fair of decoration
Today starts the first annual meeting of the professionals of decoration, the International Decoration Fair Maison & Objet Paris, and we are finalizing the details of each collections and finishing the design of our new catalog to present there.
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Warm-up engines!!!
Preparing our new collections of young furniture, children’s furniture and textile collections of TREBOL, all will be presented in January at Paris Furniture Fair (MAISON&OBJET)
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With a good taste in our mouth
Once again we would like to thank you.
We have accomplished all our goals fixed for this fair Isaloni Moscow 2015’
Thank you to all our customers and friends that have given us a very warm wellcome to their country, and thank you to all the public who came to our stand, we were overwhelmed.
Our products were very successful, even it was an exhauted fair for our team, we came back home with avery good taste in our mouth.
Thank you.
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As the traditional an colorful arquitecture in Moscow, we will fill up the Moscow fair, Isaloni, with colours, presenting our new textil collection together with kids and Teenagers furniture collections…..
Looking forward to meet you there. Hopefully we will dazzle you with all our new collections.
Remember: Pavilion 7, Stand B28 and C33
See you there!!!
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A small step to MOSCOW
Now we have almost everything ready for our next adventure in the Russian capital this autum, the I SALONI WORLDWIDE MOSCOW 2015
We`ll keep you informed after the summer vacations
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1000 Thanks
Leaving the great experience of exhibiting at the cradle of furniture design, Milan fair, and the great success achieved, we can only say thanks, especially to the visitors to our stand, to our customers and friends coming from all around the world (over 27 countries).

Thank you for convert our visit to Milan into a dream.
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This year the Milan fair dresses of TREBOL
This year the Milan fair dresses of TREBOL-
TREBOL Furniture present its new collections of textiles, in the best furniture fair in Milan from 14 to 19 April 2005 in Hall most important, Hall 1.
Together with collections of children's high quality furniture, TREBOL textiles shows full of color and life to create the perfect space to continue taking care of you.
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Trebol will be at the Habitat Valencia Fair and is preparing the presentation of tis new textile collectoin from 9 to 13 February
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Trebol will present its Childrens Saloni worldWide Moscow collection in 2014, from 15 to 18 October
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Trebol opened the doors of its showroom for professionals from 11 to 14 Fabruary to coincide with the celebration of the Feria Habitat Valencia 2014
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Trebol Furniture ad Lineas Taller will show their news on the 4 th Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition to be held in that cicy from 23 to 26 January.
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